Saturday, 6 December 2014

Chapli Kabab recipe

Chapli Kabab recipe:
Here is how to cook chapli kabab, a very simple Pakistani recipe

Chapli Kabab
Chapli Kabab

Beef or lamb mince 1/2 kg
Gram or Corn flour 4 tbsp
Coriander seeds 2 tbsp (crushed)
Pomegranate seeds (anardana) 2 tbsp
Red pepper 3 tsp (crushed)
Fresh ginger paste 1 tbsp
2 eggs omelette
Salt to taste
Black pepper crushed 2 tsp
Tomatoes 6 (medium sized, chopped)
Onion 2 (finely chopped)
Green chilies 5 (hand chopped)
Egg 2
Oil for frying


  • Beat two eggs, add little salt and red pepper and make omelette in a pan.
  • In a mixing bowl add all the above ingredients (excepts oil which is for frying).
  • Also add the omelette and mix so that omelette in broken into small pieces and mixed with all the ingredients.
  • Let the mixture set in a refrigerator for 2 - 3 hours.
  • Make flat medium sized patties out of it.
  • Fry the patties and enjoy!
  • Serve with green chatni and naan.

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